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Reshana Marie, a seasoned performer is well at home on any stage.
A Nashville Recording artist, songwriter, incredible vocalist and musician.

As a three year survivor of an inoperable / cancerous brain tumor she is even more determined
to live life to the fullest and wants to share her passion of music with others far beyond
her current home on the border of the Carolina's.

Performing Classic and Modern Country with a touch of Classic Rock along with her originals. 

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Reshana released her first project "Where She's At", a songwriters collection in Dec of 2018
 She has since released ( for sale ) her first Holiday single "White Christmas"

Update: In Spring of 2023, Due to a personal circumstance including a health complication, Reshana ceased
 all appearances through the end of 2023. As she deals with her health complication and her personal situation,
      she hopes sometime in late 2024 or 2025 to be booking shows as an acoustic act with her father, Dave McDowell,
and maybe even some of her other family members !


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